Creativity and Imagination are important in child development and family fun. Find fun educational printables, family crafts, holiday crafts, fun food recipes and reward charts for kids. Here at Ziggity Zoom we try to incorporate fun into all sorts of creative family activities including…

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Make these cute Christmas gift tags for all your presents.

An easy winter Christmas craft to make for Christmas.

Easy Christmas craft.

Print these fun images for Thanksgiving stickers or magnets...

Pre-K educational printable for letter recognition.

Let kids make their own little turkey muffin for Thanksgiving day.

Pre-K alphabet matching printable worksheet with a fun Halloween theme.

This easy to make Witch sandwich is guaranteed to be a favorite for your Halloween parties.

Make this fantastic little Halloween theatre from an old recycled cereal box or cracker box.

Print this fun Halloween bat to hang around your house for some spooky Halloween fun.

This is a great Family project. Make this fun Totem Pole from discarded plastic containers and some paint.

Print this Great Job certificate to reward your child or student for a job well done.

Make this fun colorful inexpensive bowling set with your child.

Fun for kids with these Color by Number printable pages. Print this Horse to help with color and number recognition.

Easy craft to make a red white and blue Star napkin ring to dress up any picnic table.

A super simple Easter craft for kids at home or in the classroom ... a Bunny mask from a paper plate.

Easy costumes to make for kids from inexpensive pillowcases. No-sew costumes for Halloween.

NEW! Easy to make Skeleton costume from a pillowcase and felt.  Such a cute kid's costume to make for pennies.

No-sew Clown costume for dressup. Kids Clown costume for Halloween.

Such a fun Clown costume to make.  Kids can play dressup all year long and, of course, it's a perfect Halloween costume.  Easy no-sew costume to make.

Zebra costume to make from a pillowcase. No-sew costume. How to make a Zebra costume.

NEW! Make a fun Zebra costume for Halloween or just for dressup playtime. Quick and easy to make from a pillowcase. Kids costume.

Kids dressup costumes for play or for Halloween. Nurse Costume. Doctor Costume. No-sew costume instructions. Check out the ... Halloween Crafts ... Halloween Foods ... Halloween Costumes.

NEW! Make this cute and easy Nurse or Doctor dressup outfit for play or as a Halloween costume. It's a no-sew costume to be made from a simple white pillowcase.

An easy Easter craft project the kids can make for a fun little puppet show... or any time of year.

Feed the Monster coloring page for Thanksgivng fun printable.  Celebrating the launch of the Feed the Monster game app for iPhone and iPad.

Make this cute Zoo playmat that can be used for any type of play with animal figures.

Make a whole gang of these cute critters with just rocks and foam. This is an easy preschool craft that both boys and girls will enjoy.

Printable preschool worksheet for teaching the concept right.

Print this directional concept for LEFT for kids to circle all fish swimming in a left direction.

Many little girls ask to sew and this is a perfect first sewing experience for a little girl.

Preschool worksheets for learning how to cut paper Helps develop fine motor control for preschoolers.

Preschool worksheet to practice the skill of cutting. Helps develop fine motor skills.

Preschool Cutting Practice worksheets to help kids learn how to cut.


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