Birdhouse or BirdFeeder from Milk Carton


Make a milk carton into a Birdhouse or a BirdFeeder. The size of the opening will determine if it is suitable for a feeder or house. This is an easy craft for kids.

Items needed: 

  • Milk carton, any size.
  • Dowel or pencil for perch
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint / brush
  • String or wire for hanging


  1. Wash and dry selected milk carton.
  2. Staple top shut.
  3. If making a "house" cut the hole only 1 - 11/2 " wide on one side only.  If making a feeder, make a hole that is about 21/2 " wide or cut a square hole (make hole on both sides).
  4. Make a tiny hole, on both sides,  to slide perch into.
  5. Paint birdhouse / feeder and then decorate with paint or sticky back foam.  (* for good paint adhesion, if you are concerned about a lasting project, paint carton with gesso first, so paint will adhere to carton well.)
  6. Attach a wire or string to hang birdhouse/ feeder.