Carrot Mobile Easter Centerpiece Craft


Let the kids help make this cute Easter centerpiece. It's the Carrot Mobile, made from recycled household containers. A fun and original DIY craft project.

Items needed: 

  • Morton salt container, or similar container
  • Small box, such as bar soap size
  • File folder or thin cardboard
  • masking tape
  • 4 empty ribbon spools (wheels)
  • 4 plastic caps, same size (wheels)
  • Toilet paper tube
  • Cork, or paper towel
  • Craft foam (hat, nose, wheel inserts)
  • Ribbon, or string
  • Paint/ brush
  • Glue
  • Scissors/ paring knife


  1. Set salt container on side and, using a short paring knife (adult only), cut out a small rectangle to house Rabbit driver.
  2. For rabbit, bend t. paper tube in half, lengthwise, and then fold over.  Insert cork or a rolled up piece of paper towel between the top edge of the folded tube and tape around with masking tape, fastening securely.  To make a more rounded head, tape a marble or other round object or make a compact ball from paper towel and tape into place with masking tape.   Check height of rabbit body in opeing of carrot mobile, as you may want to trim a slight amount from the bottom of the taped tube. 
  3. Make a cone shape, from old file folder, to fit the front end of your salt container.  Tape cone to shape and then, cutting small v-shaped notched from the wide end of the cone, tape to the salt container.
  4. To make the wagon, tape ends securely and then cut away the top surface to form the wagon. 
  5. Paint the carrot mobile orange, the wagon green and the bunny body white.  Let dry thoroughly.
  6. Paint ribbon spools yellow or any contrasting color.  Let dry.
  7. Attach wheels to Carrot Mobile with glue.  Let dry.  Cut foam inserts for wagon wheels and then glue to wagon.
  8. Cut a 10 inch length of ribbon, or string, to connect vehicle and wagon.  Using knife or scissors, make a small slit into front end of wagon and back end of Carrot Mobile.  Insert ribbon into both and tie off ends from the inside.
  9. Cut white ears for rabbit from foam or contruction paper and glue into place.  Cut out a nose and whiskers and attach.  Draw eyes with a marker.  Tie a ribbon around the rabbits's neck.
  10. Put the bunny in his carrot mobile and add Easter grass and goodie to the wagon.