Cute Irish Bookmarks for Gifts


Print these cute Irish bookmark designs onto heavyweight printer paper and laminate for an inexpensive and thoughtful St. Patrick's Day gift.

Items needed: 

  • Heavyweight Printer paper
  • Laminating pages or pouches
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or Ribbon
  • Hole Punch


  1. Print images on printer paper.  There are four on a page so several kids can make bookmarks at once.
  2. Cut out each bookmark carefully.  Kids can write a note or sign name on back of each bookmark for friends or family, using only a pencil.
  3. Insert all four bookmarks into laminating pouch (leave about an inch between each bookmark) and follow manufacturers directions.
  4. Cut out around each bookmark, leaving a 1/4" clear border around all edges.  Round off edges.
  5. Punch a hole at the top of each bookmark.
  6. Cut one or two lengths of 12" yarn, ribbon or cording for each bookmark.  Insert the center of the cord/yarn into the hole of the bookmark from the underside and then slip the ends into the loop and pull tight.  Tie ends into knots with a bit of fringe.