Easy Felt Hearts & Flowers Mobile for Mom


A fun gift to make for Mom or just for making your room look pretty. It's a great Spring craft project that only requires felt, ribbon and a piece of foam. What better way to tell Mom you love her than with pretty Hearts & Flowers!

Items needed: 

  • Foam strip (1/4 " thick) or sturdy cardboard
  • Colorful felt squares
  • 1/4 inch ribbon
  • Scissors
  • x-acto knife


  1. Cut a foam or cardboard strip 2 " x 9 " wide.  this can be left as a rectangle or cut into a fun shape as shown.  Just be sure to leave room to insert ribbon streamers that are evenly spaced apart.  If using carboard, you will want to pain it a fun color first.
  2. Cut 4 lengths of ribbon 17 inches long.  Cut one lenght of ribbon about 12 inches long for the "hanger".
  3. Print and cut out pattern pieces. From felt, cut out 4 hearts, 4 flowers and 4 leaves.
  4. Set foam or cardboard Top strip on a firm surface and carefully make 4 lengthwise slits, evenly spaced, to accomodate the hanging ribbons.   Make a slit at the center top of the strip for your ribbon hanger.  (x-acto knife should only be used by adult)
  5. Insert one end of ribbon into back of strip, tying end into knot, but leving a little tail of ribbon, as shown. 
  6. Now add Felt Hearts and flowers, one at a time.  Alternate each row to start with a heart or flower. 
  7. Fold Heart, or flower parts (together) in half and make 2 "small" parallel cuts with scissors ... slide onto ribbon.  Felt pieces should stay where added on ribbon, but if necesary a small dab of white glue can be added.to hang.