First Sewing Project to Make a Mini Purse


Teach your child how to sew with this beginning sewing lesson. Let her make a simple little purse that she can take with her. Made of felt and ribbon, the only other things needed are needle, thread, scissors and a button. Arts and crafts for kids projects on ZiggityZoom kids website.

Many little girls ask to sew and this is a perfect "first sewing experience" for a little girl. Made from felt, this little purse only requires simple hand stitching and a patient mom or teacher. Arts and Crafts for Kids.

Items needed: 

  • 2 small square of felt (we used 2 different colors for contrast)
  • Button
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or cording for strap
  • sewing pins


  1. Cut the piece of felt that will be the front of the purse to 4 x 4 inches.
  2. Cut the piece of felt that will be the back and front flap to 4 x 6 inches.
  3. Pin the front to the back, lining up the bottoms and sides.
  4. Trim all 4 corners to a rounded edge, as shown.
  5. Cut a length of thread, and show child how to thread needle.  Pull ends of both threads together and make a knot. (wrap ends around index finger and slide off, pulling tight with nails of thumb and index finger to form knot)
  6. Start first stitch for child, at juncture of top, side of front, showing how to insert needle about 1/4 inch from previous stitch, then repeat from back side (making sure child works from the side the thread is trailing from.)
  7. Let child stitch around the side, bottom and other side.  Finish off with a repeated overlapping stitch at corner of front/side to secure thread.
  8. Cut a piece of ribbon or cording for strap to size for child.  For ease of attachment, we stitched the end of the ribbon at the back of the starting and ending junctures.  Do repeat, overlapping stitches to attach securely.
  9. Carefully sew button to front of purse, so that it will be in the center of the front flap when flap is closed.  cut a small slit in front flap to accomodate the button as a closure.  Make the slit just big enough for the button.  Since purse is made of felt, fabric will not tear or