Heart Napkin Rings


Super simple Valentine gift to make. Only takes little Foam Hearts and Red Ribbon, but look how elegant they are. Kids will love giving these to mom or grandmom.

Items needed: 

  • Foam Hearts  - approx 2 inches wide (or cut from Craft Foam)
  • 1/4 inch Red ribbon
  • Scissors with pointy end


  1. Using foam hearts that are approximately 2 inches in diameter,  cut two small slits (about 3/4 in apart) into the center of each heart.
  2. Cut a 7-8" piece of ribbon for each napkin ring and then thread through pre-cut slits in heart.  We rolled up a cloth napkin to tie our napkin rings around, so that the diameter would be just right.  In lieu of a napkin, you can tie around a paper tube, such as from a paper towel or t paper tube for the correct diameter.  Be sure it isn't so tight that you can't slide it off however.
  3. After tying ends, cut leaving about a half inch tail on each side.