Hopscotch Mat


Here is an easy-to-make Hopscotch Mat for hours of fun and exercise.

Items needed: 

  • Foam Yoga mat
  • Scissors
  • Permanent Markers - non-toxic
  • Yardstick or Ruler
  • Masking tape
  • Small plate

             Foam Yoga mats can be purchased in bright colors for $10-$15.  We found ours at WalMart for $10. 


  1. Most Yoga mats are about 68 inches long. You need to cut off any excess, so that you have a 56 inch long mat to start the project.
  2. Use our diagram as an example to draw the outline of the Hopscotch grid.  Hold the yardstick or ruler about an inch or slightly more from the sides and draw the outline with permanent marker.  Note that the Hopscotch grid has an arch at the one end.
  3. Before drawing the inside sections, use small pieces of masking tape to show where you will draw lines. This will help to denote all areas before drawing your permanent lines.
  4. To make colorful circles inside each section, draw around a small plate or other round object. Or you may choose to make squares. Color these areas in thoroughly with permanent marker.
  5. Number all spaces and let dry before using.

Hopscotch Rules: Each Player must have a small "stone" or other object to play. Player One stands at the low number end of the Hopscotch (not on mat) and throws his "stone" so that it lands on Square 1.  He then hops over that square onto Square 2, on one foot, and then continues to "hopscotch" on one foot (or two, if squares are beside each other)  Player hops to end (9/10), turns around and hops back, picking up his "stone" before he leaves the Mat.  Players take turns, each time throwing their stone to the next highest number.   

* For proper play, a player would have to start over if they step out of the Square they are hopping to ... but with little children it's best to just have fun and learn a little balance in the process.