Menorah Sandwich for Hanukkah


Make this elegant Menorah sandwich for your Hanukkah celebration. Made with bread, filling of choice and veggies, it is a great way to add to your holiday celebration. Use as an individual sandwich or make a large one for an edible centerpiece.

Items needed: 

  • 2 slices dark bread
  • Baby asparagus tips
  • Orange pepper
  • Yellow pepper
  • Sandwich filling


Trim crusts from bread. Using photo as an example, cut out a simple candleholder from bread slices, utilizing the full area of the bread. Fill this with your desired sandwich filling. Cut 9 "holders" from orange pepper slices and set above the candle holder. Also cut a thin rectangle for the middle holder so it will set above the others.

Cut asparagus tips for candles and set in place. You can substitute small carrots or green beans for candles, or even strips of pepper. Make "flames" from triangular pieces of yellow pepper.