Monster Stompers


Here's a fun craft activity to make ... Monster Stompers! Kids can play with these inside or outdoors. What is more fun than pretending to be a Monster and getting exercise at the same time. Quick and easy craft.

Items needed: 

  • Empty plastic coffee containers -2 (we used Large Folgers coffee containers) Other containers can be used but make sure they are sturdy enough to hold the child that will be using the Monster Stompers.
  • 12 wine corks or other suitable objects to be used for monster toes
  • Paint & brush
  • Ice pick (used by adult only!)
  • Strong, smooth cord or thin rope
  • Strong glue or glue gun (adult use only)


  1. Paint monster toes and container whatever colors desired. Obviously, there are all colors of monsters out there, so lots of choices here! Containers can either be painted by hand or spray painted. Let dry.
  2. Poke a hole into both sides ( about an inch from top)  of container. Hole should not be any wider than diameter of cord you will be using.
  3. Determine length of cord by first having your child stand up straight and holding his fists in front of his thighs, arms straight.  Measure distance to floor and then double this figure. Add about 8 extra inches to allow for tying inside of container.
  4. Insert one end of cord into container, from the outside.  Knot off inside securely.  Repeat with other side.
  5. If you used a coffee container, you can now glue the original top onto what is now the bottom of the monster stomper.
  6. Glue toes in place and let dry.
  7. As with any physical activity, observe your child to make sure he can use the stompers. (Lift feet and monster feet at same time to stomp! Also, make sure your child is old enough for this type of play.