No-Guilt, No-Mess Microwavable Crispy Potato Chips


Do you or your kids love potato chips but you know most of the chips you buy are full of fat and loaded with calories or even the baked chips are filled with other ingredients?

Items needed: 

  • Round Potato Slices
  • Salt
  • Seasoning
  • Paper Plate


Well, you can make a healthier version of potato chips for your kids in just a few minutes and with very little mess. Take 2-3 small Yukon Gold or Fingerling Potatoes and cut them into thin round slices using a mandolin (veggie slicer). Sprinkle their favorite spices or a little salt or salt and pepper on the potato slices. Place the potato slices around a paper plate so the slices are barely touching another slice. Put the plate in the microwave and Cook them until crisp and slightly brown. Remove, cool and serve with a nutritious lunch or as a snack. To achieve crispy potato chips, try your Cook Bacon Setting. For my microwave I selected Cook, Bacon, 6 Slices or 4:30 minutes- in my microwave it created crispy, evenly cooked chips and everyone in the family approved. I did watch them and once I saw a slight color change I stopped the microwave to check to see how done the chips were. You may have to play with your settings and try a few batches before you get them perfect-but the taste and quality are worth the testing, and it is a no fuss clean up for a healthy, tasty treat.