Pirate Belt Craft for Preschooler


This is an easy craft for a young Preschooler. Let them make a fun Pirate belt or make it pink and it becomes a Princess belt.

Items needed: 

  • Key Tags w/ metal rims
  • Holepunch
  • Permanent, non-toxic Markers
  • Shoelace (45")


  1. Key Tags usually have one hole already punched, so you just need to punch a hole on the opposite side.  Holes should be directly across form one another.
  2. Color with markers.  You only need to color one side but if your preschooler is really into the project, let him color both sides.
  3. Using just one shoelace, start threading the Tags onto the lace, one at a time.  Show your child how to repeat the same "up through the bottom, down through the top" maneuver to get the tags all looking the same.  But if they don't get it, the belt will still look just great ... and the child still has a great sense of acomplishment.
  4. Leave room at both ends so belt can be tied.