St. Patrick's Day Easy Leprechaun Craft


Make this easy little Leprechaun with your child for a fun St. Patrick's Day craft activity. Complete with Shamrock!

Items needed: 

  • Plastic bottle
  • Green craft foam
  • green sock
  • green pipe cleaner
  • orange pipe cleaner
  • toilet paper tube
  • paper towel for head
  • glue stick
  • paint for face
  • scissors / pencil


  1. Cut off foot part of sock and discard. Slide remaining part of sock onto plastic bottle so that uncut top of sock is level with the bottom of the bottle.  Stuff excess sock inside neck of bottle.
  2. Make a ball from paper towel and then take a small square of paper towel to cover ball. Tie ends of loose paper towel with a piece of string of tape. Paint flesh color. Let dry then draw face onto head.
  3. Stuff neck part of head into neck of bottle. Twirl the orange pipe cleaner tightly around a pencil to form tight coils.  This will be the beard.  Glue to head.
  4. Cut a 1 ½ in piece from the toilet paper tube to use for a hat. Then cut green foam to cover hat and also cut a brim for hat, using the end of the tube to draw around for your inside circle pattern. Brim should be about ½ in. wide. Glue foam onto hat.
  5. Cut out a large and a small shamrock from green foam. Attach the small shamrock to the hat.
  6. Bend green pipe cleaner to make two small loops at ends, for hands, and then curve to fit around Leprechaun body. Insert large Shamrock into hands.