10 Preschool Printable Educational Worksheets


Preschoolers need to learn certain skills and behavior prior to starting school.  Some of the important things a child needs to learn for Kindergarten Readiness include:

  • Recognizing both captial and lowercase letters in the alphabet
  • Recognizing and drawing four basic shapes (circle,square,triangle, rectangle)
  • Coloring and Cutting
  • Recognizing and writing first name
  • Recognizing and counting out loud 0-10
  • Sharing and Taking Turns
  • Listening and following directions
  • tying shoelaces
  • buttoning and zipping clothing

To assist in this educational preparation, here are 10 of the best basic preschool worksheets your child can use to practice.  These are some of our most popular preschool worksheets here on ZiggityZoom.

Tracing Practice worksheet

Cutting Practice worksheet

Number Tracing Worksheet

Alphabet Letters worksheet

Trace & Color Shapes worksheet

Biggest Littlest worksheet

Alphabet Letter Match worksheet

Pattern Sequence worksheet

Right Directional worksheet

Color by Number worksheet