5 Favorite Recipes for Easter Brunch


Whether you are planning Easter brunch, Easter breakfast or Easter dinner, we guarantee these recipes will do the trick.  Not only are these foods easy to make but they are very family friendly, even our picky eaters love these favorite recipes.

This little bunny crepe can be served for breakfast, brunch or a dinner dessert.

bunny crepe recipe

These can be filled with chocolate, diced strawberries or vanilla ice cream and served with a sauce.  They are super cute and very yummy.

Another of our favorites to serve during Easter is our bunny hard boiled eggs.  It's a perfect little garnish for the place or serve as an appetizer or snack.  The kids will love helping to make these little guys.

bunny egg recipe

These Carrot Crouquettes are a real hit with guests.  Not only are these fun to serve but they tate great too.  It's a perfect brunch food for any time of the year really.

crouquette recipe

For dessert, this is the perfect choice ... Malted Blondie Brownies, that are brimming with little malted milk ball eggs.  It's a delicious combination and a hit with all ages.

Easter brownies recipe

And lest me forget, if you will be making Easter breakfast, our fun Bunnies and Chicks pancakes are a fun choice.  These can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge until serving.  Just pop in the oven for about 20-30 seconds just enough to heat but not too long so as to ruin the texture.

bunny pancakes


Some of our other favorite foods to serve at Easter or for brunch are roasted lamb patties, deviled eggs and yeast rolls.

For more Easter recipes crafts and printables.