Best Apps for Kids Using iPhone iPad and Android


Times have changed and technology continues to play a bigger and bigger part in our lives.  Children are particularly in tune with all new technological advances and they adapt more readily than many adults I know.  Although there are now many iPhone apps, iPad apps and a growing number of Android apps,  some are much better and more fun than others.

Each week we will present a new App for Kids or App for Families that we think you should know about and, at the very least, check out.

Fly Kiwi Fly!

This family-friendly app has been called "one of the most addictive apps" in the App store. 

Kiwi is trying to make it from New Zealand all the way to the United States. By tilting the iPhone back and forth, you can help him fly as far as possible. As you progress you’ll earn money, which helps buy flying equipment like rocket boosters.

Tilt your iPhone/iPod Touch to gain speed, use it to make awesome stunts, unlock awards and earn money. Buy gliders, springs and even a cannon to help Kiwi in his voyage across the globe.

Family App for 8+ for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. $.99