Beyond the Piggy Bank 15-Day Challenge

Beyond the Piggy Bank 15-Day Challenge...because the piggy bank is only the first step.  Kids are fascinated with money.  As parents, we need to tap into that fascination and teach them a healthy attitude towards money along with the skills to be saving savvy and money smart.  Come join a community of parents as, together, we learn the ins and outs of preparing our kids for their financial a fun, all-about-the-kids way.  Click here to learn more.   Beyond the Piggy Bank 

Kids Money & Math

Karyn is co-founder of Kidnexions, an educational company specializing in kids' money and elementary mathematics. She has a BA in Child Development, a Masters of Arts in Education with a Specialization in Elementary Mathematics, and a multiple subjects teaching credential. Her passion is designing real-world lessons that resonate with kids and their interests. Karyn is the creator of Nifty Numbers and Math Medley Family Math Night kits which were designed to build strong family-school partnerships and get parents involved on an academic level.  She is currently working on her third Family Math Night kit.