Colorful Cow Art Drawing Project for Kids




Help kids follow these easy directions from Kathy Barbro to make this fun and colorful Cow piece of art.  Kids will love it and so will you when it is hanging on the wall!

1. Draw the cow, starting with the head, then body, then tail.
2. Trace all the lines with a black permanent marker.
3. Use a crayon to add decoration lines.
4. Paint with liquid watercolor paint.


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Kathy Barbro earned her B.F.A. at Minneapolis College of Arts & Design, enjoying a 20-year career in graphic design. When her son entered kindergarten, her career path took a turn. The local elementary school had no art program and that was all the inspiration she needed. Kathy served as a volunteer art docent for several years, later becoming the school's Professional Expert in Visual Arts. She teaches twenty K-5 classes weekly and conducts an after-school Art Enrichment program. Kathy pooled her talents to share her curriculum via the blogosphere. With 500 classroom-tested art projects posted, her Art Projects For Kids is a favored source of art lesson plans among teachers, home schoolers and parents.