Counting Practice for Kids


My Counting Book
Young children need lots of repeated experiences counting things.  This counting helps build the foundation for early work in number.  As you help your child count objects, she’ll learn that counting objects in a different order does not change how many there are and the last number read represents the whole group of objects (cardinality).

Here’s a fun and easy activity where kids turn counting into their very own personalized counting book.   You’ll need a camera (phone cameras work great) and the ability to download and print the photos. The photos in this book were taken in the backyard, however, finding objects inside works just as well.

• With help, allow your child to take the photo.  Kids love the independence and responsibility of being “in charge” of the camera. • Try to find objects that, together, represent a specific number.  For example, we found exactly 7 steps in the backyard to represent the number ‘7’.  This can sometimes be difficult for higher numbers in which case counting out a specific amount, as in our 10 rocks example, will do.
• Use a counting strip to help with the counting, if needed.  Kids can also use the strip to help organize the pages once all the photos are printed out.

There are a lot of great beginning counting books.  But the ones that offer powerful learning experiences are the ones kids create themselves.

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