DIY Collage Valentines


valentine heart

We are making handmade DIY collage Valentines today from paper and paper scraps.  It's a fun project for kids and parents.  I know I always appreciate a handmade card versus a store-bought card.  The same goes for gifts.  Isn't it much nicer to receive a gift that your friend or family made instead of a bought gift?  Well, here is a fun idea to get you started.  You can get creative with these Valentines and add fun bits of ribbon and frill if you so desire.

What you Need:

  • Paper of any color
  • Torn scraps of paper
  • Glue
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • Extra scraps of ribbon etc. (optional)

valentine DIY

What to Do:

  • Tear pages from magazines or colored paper in desired colors.  We used reds, pinks and lavenders.  Rip into small pieces about half an inch to inch in size. 
  • Cut out a large Heart to desired size and shape.  Remember you can make a more rounded heart or a skinny elongated heart.  Even if the heart is mis-shapened, it's still a fun heart.  If you would like a double heart, as shown, set your heart on a piece of paper and draw a larger heart around it.  Second heart could be about an inch wider than original heart.
  • Dab a bit of glue onto one scrap of paper at a time and start pasting your paper scraps onto the smaller heart.  As you add additional scraps, place them next to the previous one pasted down.
  • Fill the heart with alternating colors and textures, making sure the edges of scraps stay within the heart shape.
  • Let dry completely.
  • To make the second heart, as shown, use a hole punch and punch holes around the edge of the heart, trying to stay about the same distance from the edge.
  • Glue (or perhaps staple, the hearts together.  Add trims and possibly lace a ribbon or cord through the punched holes, tying on top or fringing at bottom.
  • You can also add a sweet "I Love You" message to the top heart by cutting squares of white paper and inking in the letters.

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Sharon Pierce McCullough