Easter Egg Math Fun


Easter math games
There's nothing more fun for a child than to go on a hunt for eggs to fill their Easter basket.
And when those eggs are filled with candy, well, it doesn't get sweeter than that. Unless, of
course, those eggs and candy are used for fun math activities. Here are 5 easy and engaging educational activities to do with your preschooler or kindergartner using plastic Easter eggs and jelly

1. Missing Addend: Choose a number your child is comfortable with, say '7'. Help her
count out seven jelly beans then tell her not to peek while you hide some under one of
the egg shells. After you've hidden the jelly beans have her use the jelly beans that
are left to help her figure out how many are hidden. Write the number on a piece of
paper so that she is reminded how many there are all together. If she needs help,
show her how to use a number line to figure out the answer. After you've played a few
times, let her hide some for YOU to figure out!


Preschool math game

2. More/Less: Using two plastic eggs, start simply by placing one jelly bean inside one of
the eggs and 5 in the other egg. Ask your child which one he thinks has more by
letting him shake the eggs. After he makes his prediction, let him open each egg and
see if he was right. Be sure to count the jelly beans and use the words five jelly beans
is more than one jelly bean. Do this several times changing the number of beans in
each egg. Then change it up by asking which egg has less jelly beans.

3. Number Recognition: Write the numbers 1 – 10 on 10 plastic eggs. Fill each egg with
that many jelly beans. Have your child order the numbers from least to greatest. To
confirm that the numbers are in the correct order, have her open each egg and count
the beans. Organizing the beans in a column will visually show how each counting
number is one more than the previous number.

Easter egg math game

4. Estimation: Fill the smaller egg shell with jelly beans. Have your child estimate how
many she thinks are in the shell. Then put the jelly beans into a pile of ten and a pile of
the left-over ones. Help your child count the total by starting at ten then adding on the
ones: ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen. Next, fill up the larger shell and ask her if
she thinks there will be more, less or the same number of jelly beans in this shell
compared to the one she just counted. Again, sort into a pile of ten and left-over ones
and count the total. Ask her how she made her prediction.

5. Patterns: Using 5 - 10 egg shells or jelly beans, make a color pattern. Have your child
add on to the pattern. Then have your child make one for YOU to add on to.

Easter math game

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