Easy DIY Pillows to Make


DIY pillows

Kids like to make their bedrooms their own and we have another fun DIY craft project to help them do just that.  When I suggested to the girls that we would make pillows, I actually was envisioning square pillows that they could add designs to.  What a surprise to find out they had more creative vison than me on this project.  Wow.  I love how they made the pillows totally reflect their own tastes.  And look how fun they turned out!

We gathered some left over fabrics that I had enough of to make a front and back to the pillows. One fabric is felt and the other is a softer fabric similar to felt.  T decided to make a surfboard since both she, and her sister, are now into surfing.  J wanted to make the first letter of her name and since she loves zebras, she decided on pink zebra stripes for decoration.  How classy, right?

Although these could be sewn by hand, we made ours with the use of the sewing machine.  I made sure the girls got a turn trying out stitching on the machine for a first time experience of machine sewing.  They sewed some scraps together and that made them very happy.

making pillows

For decoration, you can buy felt rectangles in lots of colors at any craft store. We attached ours with iron on adhesive, which works well and is permanent.

What You Need:

  • Fabric - about 1/2 yd per pillow
  • Polyfiber filling (or pillow form)
  • Felt in desired colors
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Iron On adhesive

custom pillows

What to Do:

  1. Draw a pattern onto paper if you will be making a custom shaped pillow.  Cut out.
  2. Fold fabric in half.  If using pattern, place on folded fabric and pin in place.  Cut out, cutting through both thicknesses of fabric.  If making a square, determine size and cut out both front and back for pillow.
  3. Determine designs to be added to the front of pillow.  After selecting colors of felt to be used, iron on the adhesive, per instuctions, then cut out shapes/letters ... remembering that the adhesive is on the back of your letter or shape.
  4. Working far enough from the edge of the pillow front to allow for a 5/8 inch seam, place elements of the design as they are desired.  Iron onto pillow front.
  5. Now, place the back on top of the pillow front and stitch together, leaving an opening for adding stuffing.  If you are using a pillow form, you will need to leave an entire side open to insert the form.
  6. Trim seams as needed, then turn the pillow inside out.
  7. Stuff the pillow and then close the opening by stitching a hand, whip stitch.
  8. Toss onto the bed ... and watch the kids smile!

Sharon Pierce McCullough