Fall Class Party Activities and Crafts


Do you have a Fall party coming up for your child's class or one you are throwing at home?

With any class party there is usually a fun craft or activity, a snack or food and maybe a more educational part such as a story or word search, find sheet or other item.


Doughnut Dive (or Ghost Gobble)

Hang up Strings from a bar or tree limb and tie white powdered doughtnut from each string so the doughnut will be close to the height of the child's mouth.  Let each child gobble up the doughnut (or Ghost).  You can also turn this into a game (each child who eats the doughnut first goes again against other winners).


Craft Ideas

Create Your Own Edible Fall or Halloween Scene - bring a few boxes of graham crackers, containers of icing, and some cookies and candies.  Spread icing on 4 graham crackers and put on a plate.  Put a few bowls of treats on each table, along with a tube of icing.  Let kids decorate their own scenes for Fall or Halloween.  Kids love this edible project.


Apple or Potato Stamp Pictures- Cut apples or potatoes into big chunks and cut into the bottom of piece a design or shape.  Give each table a few stamps, stamp pads, markers, and paper.  Let them create a card or art masterpiece.


Marshmallow & Pretzel Building- Let kids create their own edible creation.  Use mini-marshmallows and pretzel sticks (or toothpicks) and let them create structures they can eat when they are done.  Show the kids a few examples and give them a time limit.

You will be amazed at how into this fun craft project they get!  Teachers can also use this idea in Math or Science lessons.


lass Pumpkin Patch- buy 2 or 3 bags of the mini pumpkins (you can usually find 10 or so for a few dollars).  Spread the pumpkins out on top of some straw/hay and give each child a bag.  Let them each pick a pumpkin to take home.  Additionally, you could let each child decorate the pumpkin with markers, stickers, etc.

Grow Your Own Plant


We try and be aware that the party is for kids so we keep the sweets or treats to a minimum.  Serve mini waters or juice boxes. And a few of the following:

baby carrots

apple slices or pineapple, grapes or other easy to serve fruit

crackers or baked chips

1 mini-treat or goody


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