Farm Animals Field Trip for Kids


petting zoo

Who doesn't love horses, goats and sheep? A trip to a petting zoo or farm that lets kids interact with the animals is a hit with any children I know, of any age.  We recently made a last minute side trip to the Round Barn, located just outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  They sell local produce but they also have farm animals that kids can pet and feed.  No matter where you live though, there always seems to be somewhere close by that you can arrange a field trip, whether for school or just with the family. Not only will the kids have fun but you can turn it into an educational experience the kids will keep in their memory banks.


And, of course, all the animals are happy to see friendly kids, with the farm approved snacks in hand.

white goat

This was a greedy little goat who didn't want to share, but the kids made sure all the animals got treats, one way or another.

black horse

It is such a fun experience to be able to interact with the animals.  It's something the kids will always remember.  Be sure to take photos so they have a tangible memory. 



Sheep Photos: Karen L. Otto