Gardening with the Kids



Let's admit it ... kids love dirt, especially most boys.  Getting a chance to get those little hands dirty during a family planting project can be pure heaven for some kids.  Even if you haven't started a small garden yet this year, there is still time.  For a very manageable little garden, try a patio herb garden where everyone can keep an eye on the growth and the need for watering.

It is best to buy organic seeds when possible, as there will not be any inbred pesticides in your plants.  Let the kids help choose some of the plants or seeds and also the actual planting part.  Explain that some plants need more sun than others, so that will affect your choices of what to plant.

Most children are not aware of the many herbs that are added to favorite food dishes, like thyme and oregano in their favorite spaghetti sauce.  Try to let them know what the herbs you are planting will be used for and in what dishes perhaps.

Above is a photo of the chives planted last year that are blooming profusely.  Aren't they beautiful?