Halloween Costumes for Under $10


The amount of money families can spend on Halloween costumes can really add up as many costumes have become pricey.  A great option for finding costumes is to look for costumes at your local thrift stores.

There are several ways you can find, or create, a Halloween costume for your child at a thrift store for under $10.  Often you can find costumes for even less than $6.

Here are several ways to create a great Halloween costume from the thrift store:

Shop Thrift Store in early October

The best time to find costumes at a thrift store is late September and early October.  I visited two thrift stores this week and one of them already had all their costumes out.

Often you can find brand new costumes (tags still on) at the thrift store or a costume that was worn only once.

Getting the Costume for Less

Most thrift stores offer several discounts.  Some have a seniors day, military discount, or 50% color tag day.  Ask the store what their discounts are and if they offer specials on certain days.  If you shop on the 50% off day you may be able to get a costume for as little as $2-4.

Another practice by some of the thrift stores is that the longer the item is in the store the less it costs.  The thrift store I checked yesterday had a clear label and the price the item will be each week.  If I wait 2 weeks the items I looked at would be between $.99 and $3.00.  Of course, if you find the perfect costume you should go ahead and get it that day.

Inexpensive Kids Halloween Costumes-  under 0

Shop with a Halloween Costume Concept

Sometimes my kids want to come up with their own costume idea instead of buying a character costume.  We have been everything imagineable for Halloween, from a cat buglar to a robot.  If you have an idea or picture of a costume you want to put together you can write down what you need to find (ex.  hat, white shirt, cape, tutu).  Usually you can find most of the pieces at a thrift store for next to nothing.


Make a Costume or Cape in under 5 Minutes

You can take an old dress or skirt and make a cape out of it by cutting the item apart, cutting it on one side.  I made this cool cape from an old dress I found at a thrift store for $4.  Check out more about making capes and costumes out of dresses here.


Ask Around

Some thrift stores are well organized, have tons of selections, and have customer friendly policies.  Ask your friends or others which thrifts stores are worthwhile.  And just take a day to visit a few so you can compare them yourself.  You'll save a ton of money on Halloween costumes this year.