Have Fun with Bubble Wrap - Wiggle, Giggle - Create Bubble Wrap Art

Honestly, what kid does not love to pop the bubbles on the bubble wrap? Ok, maybe a few that do not like loud noises, but most kids love jumping on it and hearing all the pops. After receiving a package the other day and after my kids enjoyed jumping, running, and bouncing about on the bubble wrap until the sound was no more, I realized bubble wrap would make a perfect surface to paint on. 3 Options to Paint on Bubble Wrap.
Option 1: 1. Cut Out Shapes and Animals or Scenes with the Bubble Wrap. 2. Let you Kids Paint the Animals and Shapes on Scrap Paper or Newsprint. 3. Once the Bubble Wrap Paintings are Dry, let Kids help Glue them to the Heavy Weight Paper with a Glue Stick. Option 2: 1. Cut out Bubble Wrap Shapes 2. Glue the Shapes and Animals to the Heavy Weight Paper 3. Let Kids Paint the Bubble Wrap Shapes on the Paper.
Option 3. 1. Attach Bubble Wrap to Heavy Weight Paper by gluing the paper and smoothing down the Bubble Wrap to the Paper. 2. Trim the excess Bubble Wrap so the Bubble Wrap is even with the Paper. 3. Let kids Paint a Picture onto the Bubble Wrap. Let Art Dry and Then Let Your Kids Proudly Display it! Copyright 2008-2009 Mommie911.com & ZiggityZoom.com