Help Kids Achieve Goals with Fun iPhone App I Earned That


As parents, we are always looking for fun ways to help encourage our children to learn responsibility.  We've discovered a great iphone app that parents can use as a fun motivational tool to help kids achieve goals.

iEarned That was created by a pediatrician and parent. It's an amazingly fun and simple app to help motivate kids. It is able to turn any picture of a desired goal into an interactive 3D puzzle. Kids work towards their goal one puzzle piece at a time. Parents and kids love it and it's great to promote reading, chores, being physically active, eating healthy to name a few.  Use the app for several children at once and several goals at once.

This iphone app is a great opportunity to make sure your child does not develop a sense of "entitlement" that many kids seem to have these days.  We, personally, tried out the iEarnedThat app and it is so user friendly any parent and child can use it.  Just snap a photo from the app of something your child wants to work towards ... toy they want to buy ... weeks worth of homework, etc.  Photo can just be representative.  Then choose how many days or chores,etc  they need to complete to receive a reward.  Parents can choose any number, which will equate to the number of puzzle pieces your photo will be formed from.  For example, you can choose 5 pieces, 14 pieces, whatever works for that goal.  Knowing there is a reward at the end helps kids to work hard to achieve their goals.

As children work towards their goal, they get to fill in one puzzle piece for each agreed upon chore or other action achieved, such as going to the potty.  It's a great app and we think it's a great parenting tool.

iEarnedThat works because it keeps children interested in accomplishing things through providing instant and ongoing positive reinforcement. With this app, you can give your children the tools for success and make it FUN!

Help your children to learn responsibility and independence.

From brushing their teeth to potty training, from homework to eating their veggies, iEarnedThat is whatever YOU and your child want it to be!  App available from iTunes Store

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