Holiday Nutcracker Art Project


nutcracker art project

This is a fun Holiday painting idea that kids can make and give to Mom, Dad or an Aunt or Uncle.  It's a perfect holiday gift.   From our favorite Art Teacher, Kathy Barbro.

One way to have students draw LARGE is to instruct them that their art must touch the top and the bottom of a piece of paper.

1. This project requires 10″ x 18″ paper, tempera paints, black sharpie marker and a gold opaque metallic marker. Have the students fold the 10″ x 18″ paper in half, crease, and open.
2. Students draw a nutcracker that has a hat that touches the top edge, a belt that is on the fold, and shoes that are sitting on the bottom edge. Fill in the nutcracker with details such as boots, shirt button detail and face. The shoulders should nearly touch the sides of the paper.
3. Paint the nutcracker with tempera paints. Lots of red and black make for festive holiday colors.
4. Once the paint is dry, trace over the pencil lines with a black sharpie marker.
5. Use a gold opaque poster marker to fill in detail such as the buttons and cuffs.
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Kathy Barbro earned her B.F.A. at Minneapolis College of Arts & Design, enjoying a 20-year career in graphic design. When her son entered kindergarten, her career path took a turn. The local elementary school had no art program and that was all the inspiration she needed. Kathy served as a volunteer art docent for several years, later becoming the school's Professional Expert in Visual Arts. She teaches twenty K-5 classes weekly and conducts an after-school Art Enrichment program. Kathy pooled her talents to share her curriculum via the blogosphere. With 500 classroom-tested art projects posted, her Art Projects For Kids is a favored source of art lesson plans among teachers, home schoolers and parents.