How to Make a Mini Pinata


Pinata instructions

One of the fun things we have learned from our Mexican neighbors is how to have fun with a Pinata.  Pinatas are a part of the Mexican culture and it's no wonder many of us have incorporated this fun activity into many of our own celebrations.  You can make or buy a Pinata in any conceiveable shape or for any theme ... and they are so colorful, they're hard to resist.  Kids of any age love trying to break open a pinata ... finding little surprises and candy. 

We've come up with an easy and fun project that anyone can make with a few materials and little time.  They're mini Pinatas, and you can choose any theme for your party or celebration.  The little pinatas we show here are a mini sombrero and a mini burro or donkey.

mini pinata

What You Need:

  • Cardstock or plain paper
  • Masking tape
  • Craft sticks/ straws
  • Crepe paper
  • Glue/ glue stick
  • Candy

make a pinata

What to Do:

  1. Draw your desired shape on the paper, making sure to draw a very basic rendition, without any details. Repeat, so you have two sides for your mini pinata.
  2. Cut a few strips of cardstock, about 2 inches long.  Fold over 1/2 inch on each end and then glue these "spacers" to both sides of your form, on the inside edges, being sure to position at key spots to keep the shape of your form.  Remember, these should be positioned at the edges.
  3. Now cut a few, thin paper strips, then wrap and glue these to the outside edges, closing in your shape.  Some areas can be closed with masking tape, but remember that you want to make the candy inside "accessible".  Leave an opening to fill with candy or other surprise, then close up that area also.
  4. If you will be adding a little handle, which is optional, tape this in place, with aprt of the stick inserted inside of the mini pinata.
  5. Starting with 2 strips of crepe paper in the same color, cut 12 inch lengths and put both layers together, tacking centers together with dots of glue.  Fold in half and then, cutting from the edges, snip fringe all the way across the bottom.  You will repeat this step with each color layer, using different colors for each layer.
  6. Starting at the bottom of your form, attach crepe paper fringe with glue/glue stick.  Be sure to leave the "fringed" area hanging down and unattached.
  7. Work your way up to the top of your form, alternating colors.
  8. Wallah!  Now your mini Pinata is ready for the party!

pinata craft

Another party idea from the ZiggityZoom team.

Project/Photos by Kristin Fitch

Article/Instructions by Sharon Pierce McCullough