Kids Art Project with Stamps to Make an Art Journal



I’ve been wanting to start a stamp collection for the longest time, and finally broke down and bought a few at Michael’s for my next art journal class. The stamps can be a bit pricey, but oh, are they fun to play with. This is a simple grid layout that I think all ages in my class will enjoy.

1. Knowing the size of my stamps, I’m going to guide the students to making a pencil grid that fits the largest and smallest of the stamps on hand.
2. Each student will be asked to stamp one image in each rectangle, rotating them as often as possible.
3. Some writing needs to go in each rectangle, whether it’s just the name of the leaf or short poem.
4. Lastly, watercolor is used to paint around the stamps, taking care to leave a little space to both keep the stamps from running and to create an extra white edge.

By Kathy Barbro ... her Art Projects For Kids is a favored source of art lesson plans among teachers, home schoolers and parents.

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