Kids in the Kitchen - the Little Chefs in Your House


I'm sure you've noticed that little kids love to bake.  They always want to help in the kitchen.  And at our house the favorite thing to bake is cookies!  Even though, at times, we just want to hurry and get done we can't forget to think back to what it's like to be a child.  Can you remember times helping your own mom in the kitchen?

Baking a cookie to a child is like making a gourmet meal to us.  They feel such a sense of accomplishment when those cookies come out of the oven, don't they?  We need to remember to feed their little egos and help build their self esteem, even with things as simple as baking cookies.

And when your child has an interest in cooking other things, try to encourage that interest.  Find a good cookbook for kids, like one of the ones we have listed below.  You may even want to go choose a cookbook with your child from the bookstore.  Then let them choose a recipe to make and buy the ingredients together, if you don't have all the necessary things at home.  You'd be surprised at how many grownup Chefs actually started cooking when they were very little.

Here are a few books that you might consider:

William-Sonoma: The Kid's Cookbook: A Great Book for Kids Who Love to Cook! (Williams-Sonoma Lifestyles)

The Everything Kids' Cookbook: From mac ‘n cheese to double chocolate chip cookies - 90 recipes to have some finger-lickin’ fun (Everything Kids Series)

Cooking Rocks! Rachael Ray 30-Minute Meals for Kids

C is for CookingC is for Cooking: Recipes from the Street

Kids Fun and Healthy CookbookKids' Fun and Healthy Cookbook