Lacy Heart Sandwich


Keep this little sandwich in mind for any time of the year, as it is also a winner for luncheons or when a friend pops in for lunch. Perfect for a wedding shower.

For the Lacey Heart:

  • 2 Slices white bread
    Lettuce leaf
    Carrot slices
    Zucchini or Apple slice
    Sandwich filling

    Trim crust from bread slices.  Cut out two large hear shapes from the bread, using either a cookie cutter or cut out freehand.  Fill sandwich with desired filling. Cut small circle slices of carrot and then cut in half.  Arrange sandwich on lettuce leaf and then set carrot slices around edges of heart to form scalloped edge.  Cut tiny white circles from a slice of zucchini, or even white cheese, using the end of a large straw.  Set one white circle on top of each carrot scallop.  When ready to serve, add a Heart on top, cut from either zucchini or apple slice.

Sharon Pierce McCullough