Last Days of Summer



Now that school has begun there are few weekend that will be warm enough to enjoy the fun of summer days.  But take advantage of those last vestigates of summer and make the wekends count.  Yes, football games have started but do remember to plan some fun family time during these weekends.

If you live close to the water, ocean, river or lake, try to fit in some last minute fun as the days will soon to too cool to enjoy the water.  Now that the days are getting shorter in our part of the world, we are trying to squeeze a lot of fun activities into the daylight hours.  Even talking a walk to the local playground can be made into a fun afternoon.  Pack a picnic lunch to make it special.

It's a perfect time of the year to ride bikes, fly a kite, go camping and take hikes along the oceanfront.  The fish are still biting and crabs are still nibbling, so fit in some fisherman fun.  If you haven't taken a boat ride or gone kayaking or canoeing yet this year, now is the time.  Find out what the kids would like to do before it gets too cold for everyone to enjoy the great outdoors.  Even taking time to watch the stars once it gets dark and make some smores around a firepit is a great way to spend an evening.