Make a Puppet Theatre


We love making recycled crafts here at ZiggityZoom.  This is one of our most popular crafts and previously we made it for a Halloween craft theme. 

I must admit that my two granddaughters asked to make this once before and we never got around to it.  While they were visiting this past week, they once again asked to make the puppet theatre.  Luckily, I had two cracker boxes on hand, so we made quick work of getting their puppet theatres made this time around.

The directions are easy and you can either draw your "requested" animals or find some clip art on the internet.  We made ours out of heavy bristol drawing paper but you could also cut up another food box to make your puppets.

What You Need:

  • Discarded box
  • Scissors
  • Paint / brush
  • Sticky-back craft foam
  • Heavy paper
  • Heavy thread


  1. Cut a portion out of the back of the box, as shown.
  2. Either paint the inside back wall of the box, or paste a white or colored piece of paper for the back wall into place.
  3. Tape box ends shut.
  4. Paint the entire outside of the box with desired color.  Ours is orange.  Let dry completely.
  5. Using sticky-back foam, cut decorative pieces and stick onto the front of your theatre.
  6. This is a simple project that gets a lot of playtime.
  7. Draw puppet animals and then color with crayons or markers.  Cut out.
  8. Poke a hole, with a needle, in the top of the puppet head. 
  9. Cut a 12 " length of thread/string and tie to puppet head. 
  10. Make a hole in the top of the theatre, approximately where you want your puppet to hang from.  Thread string/thread through hole and then tape to back of the box/theatre.


Sharon Pierce McCullough