Make a Purse Pinata


purse pinata

Whether you are planning a fashion theme party or any girl party, this purse pinata will be a real hit.  The best part is that it will take you only minutes to make and you can choose what "gifts" or "candy" the pinata will hold.

We found adorable, colorful, purse-shaped gift bags at the dollar store.  Although you might just stick to candies, this is the perfect time to do a girlee pinata filled with lip glosses, hair ribbons and the like.  Another fun option is to have a Pinata for each girl at your party or else just fill one to three purses for your pinata game.

What You Need:

  • Purse shaped gift bags
  • Candy or gifts
  • Paper grass (optional)
  • String
  • Plastic bat

What to Do:

  1. Fill purses with goodies. 
  2. Tape handles to keep the bags closed during the game.
  3. Tie the Purse Pinatas up high, in an area that allows some movement for the players.