Make Valentine's Day Special for Your Kids, Husband or Wife- Simple Ways to Make it Memorable

We often forget what Valentine's Day is really about. It is a holiday that has received lots of hype but often the Holiday can leave us feeling unfulfilled or with lighter pockets and nothing to show for it. Here are 8 Valentine's Ideas to Make this Valentine's Day one your kids and spouse will remember.
Valentine's Day is a day to remind our loved ones that they are special to us and loved; and a day to tell them how much we really care. It is a day to reconnect with our husband or wife, a day to hug our kids with the biggest bear hug of the year. It is a day to show our love through very simple gestures that say, "You are special and you mean the world to me. I love You or Thank You for Everything." It can often be difficult to decide what to do for Valentine's Day. What do we do differently from any other day with our kids? Or what do we get our husband (or wife) to show him we love him or her? First, remember it is about enjoying each other's company or kind, loving words and gestures. It is about taking the time to reconnect with our loved one or making extra time to play with our kids or make them a special breakfast. 1.Print Off or Pick out a special picture of each of your children and put it in a photo card or glue it to the front of a heavy weight paper that is folded into a card. Write a note or letter to each of your children telling them why they are so special and how much you love them.
2. Give them a little bag, mailbox or box with surprise treasures. You could put a piece or two of candy, but try and make the focus fun things like stickers, a little card, a heart notepad and eraser, or other small items.
3. Put a Special Valentines Sticker or note on their lunch or backpack or draw on their lunch bag a special message. 4.If you are interested in buying something for them, you can find great gifts for under $5-10.00 at Target, Hallmark or other stores. A few ideas are: A cooking apron set (this one if $8.00 from target),a book, and art supplies.
5. Schedule a Night to celebrate Valentine's with your Family (or a time of day-earlier) and schedule a time to spend dinner or after the kids go to bed together. Make or order a favorite family meal and enjoy it together. Finish it off with a heart inspired brownie or cookies for everyone. Read a favorite story to your kids before bedtime.
How to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Spouse 1. Spend a few hours with your husband or wife- go out to dinner, or out for pizza and then rent a new or favorite movie. Or pour a glass of your favorite bubbly or hot tea and run a bath and go all out- add the candles and soft music-things you might not do every day.
Make spending time together the priority. And pick something you both enjoy doing together that allows you to relax and enjoy the time. 2. Show Your Love Through Gestures, a Nice Meal or a Date.Its not about the Candy folks. Most of us do not need a huge box of chocolate (we might love chocolate, but then buy a high end small dark chocolate for a treat after dinner. Focus on what your Spouse would enjoy doing or getting from you. It may be time alone, or a back rub, or a special gift to tell him/her you love them.
3. Tell your husband or wife how much you love them and why with a card or note. Most of all enjoy the day and celebrate your loved ones. You will find that showing your love to them is the best Valentine's Gift you will receive. Save Money on Valentine's Cards for Your Kids- Print Lots of Freee, Cute Valentine's at for all of your kids classmates and friends.
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