Mommy Calling Cards: Much Classier Than a Gum Wrapper


Being a Mommy is a full time job. We may not be out in the professional work field but that doesn't mean we don't need "business" cards! How many times have you met a mom on the playground that you've had a connection with and wanted to set up a play date? Rather than digging through your purse and coming up with a crumpled old gum wrapper that you scribble your number on, why not go a classier route with a mommy calling card? Cards can be customized with as much or as little information as you'd like. Perhaps you feel more comfortable handing out your email address rather than your address and phone number. Maybe you'd like a card handy to leave with your child that includes allergy info, emergency numbers etc. However you decide to create them, these cards are great to have on hand. Save on your purchases at Zazzle from's coupon site