No Sew DressUp Costumes to Make from Pillowcases


Nurse costume

Kids love dressup any time of the year and that's why our easy Pillowcase costumes are a perfect choice for both Play and also for use as a Halloween costume. Really, there's no need to keep any kids costume packed away just for Halloween when they can make use of them all year long for creative and imaginative play.  And besides, they quickly outgrow those costumes, so why not use them!  We suggest keeping all the fun costumes you can find, at thrift shops, etc., in a special play box just for dressup.  Store hats, crowns and accessories with the costumes and they will get tons of play use.

The costumes shown here, with complete directions, are very simple to make and the kids can still play dressup any time. These cute Halloween costumes can be made in no time at all and if you already have a pillowcase you may be able to make a costume for free.

Complete directions and illustrations for our original Costume designs are given for making these darling dressup costumes.

Our Favorite pillowcase Halloween Costumes:

Nurse Costume (or Doctor costume) as shown above.  Be sure to print out the Prescription play pad and Hospital sign for additional play value.

Zebra Costume

zebra costume

Clown Costume

clown costume

Skeleton Costume

skeleton costume

Hula Girl Costume
Hula costume