Novica Family Games Giveaway


Having grown up with games, one of my favorite choices as a gift, for any occasion, is a family game. There isn't anything much better than having fun playing a game with a family member.  Even though many kids are enthralled playing games on their ipods and other electronic devices, they still enjoy playing games at the table with their friends and family.

Some of the games I love are the classic ones that can even be handed down after years and years of play.  We found some great deals on a site we love called Novica.  Novica is a site where you can find gifts for everyone on your list.  It is associated with National Geographic and all handcrafted items are made by artisans from around the world.  Although we are featuring the games from Novica, be sure to check out all the other items.  The Novica giveaway is for a $40 value, just right for giftgiving.  And be sure to take a peek at their new premium giftwrap option ... you won't even have to wrap your gift!

Wood Chess Game - made by a family in India.  Chess is a game all kids should learn to play.  It is a challenging stategy game for all ages.  Free premium gift wrap on this item. Sale price $27.99

Marble Tic Tac Toe game - crafted by a family in Mexico. Always a fun challenge and a great display piece. Sale price $23.99

Wood Oware game - made by a craftsman from West Africa.  This is a fun traditional game that is one of the oldest games in the world, played since the Middle Ages.  I played this as a child and I still enjoy the simplicity of the game.  Sale price $54.99

If you would like a chance to win this great $40 giveaway from Novica, please leave a comment about what you would love to give as a gift from Novica ... comment here or on Facebook. 


Disclosure:  This Giveaway is sponsored by Novica for ZiggityZoom.