Paper Mache Ice Cream Cone Art Project


paper mache art project

The basic structure of this cone comes from a terra cotta planter and crumbled sheets of thin aluminum foil. The weight of the planter makes a great base and the foil crumbles so much better than newspaper. I can’t wait to see this painted in yummy ice cream colors!

1. Mache strips of newpaper over a terra cotta planter. Mine cost just $1 at Michaels or check the Dollar Store.
2. Crumble sheets of foil to make a ball. (I used the precut sheets for sandwiches from Smart & Final.) Keep layering sheets until the size is right. Mache newspaper around it and repeat for more scoops and a cherry.

I had already primed the cones with white acrylic paint so students could proceed with the fun part – painting ice cream colors. I used the Michaels brand acrylic paint to pre-mix vanilla, strawberry and chocolate and more colors.

To make the shiny finish, the best glossy finish product is still Collage Pauge that JoAnns sells. It’s more gel like, spreads easier, and less likely to cloud up.

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