Recipe for an Elephant Sandwich


jungle party sandwich

This is the perfect sandwich to make and serve for a Jungle-themed party or any wildlife type of luncheon.  But any child would love to have this little elephant for lunch.  Even your big guests will be impressed! The elephant is quite easy to make and few ingredients are needed.


For the Elephant:

  • 2 slices Pumpernickel bread
  • 2 slices White bread
  • Orange pepper
  • Ham slice
  • Chives
  • Green grape
  • Cheese for eyes
  • Sandwich filling

Put pumpernickel bread slices together and then cut out a large circle.  We used a glass with a large opening to cut out our round or if you have a large round cutter that would work also.  Set white bread slices together and then cut two large ears for the elephant.  Fill sandwiches with desired filling and arrange on the plate.  Ham and cheese work well for this sandwich, as you will be adding a layer of ham on top of the ears.

From a slice of ham, cut two slightly smaller ears that will rest on top of the “ear” sandwich sections.  Cut two long slices of orange pepper from the sides of your pepper.  Make the long, fat part of the trunk from one piece and then cut a curved “c” shape that will form the lower part of the trunk.  Place the curved section on the plate, beneath the upper part of the trunk.

Cut two slices from the grape for eyes and then cut smaller circles from a white food, such as cheese, apple or zucchini.  Use whatever you have on hand.  Cut small stems of chives to place in the elephant’s trunk, to look as though he is eating.  Serve with a few peanuts!

Save any left over sections of bread in a baggie and pop into the freezer ... use when you want to make bread pudding, croutons or stuffing.

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By Sharon Pierce McCullough