Simple Summer Fun


Just back from a week spent with several of my grandchildren and, looking back, I can't believe all the fun things that were experienced in that short time.  And everything but the ice cream was free.  Our day at the beach was anything but boring.  Two of the kids used the seagrass that washed up on shore to build a fort.  Others played water football and tag in the ocean.

One afternoon was spent enjoying the outdoors, with the kids taking turns swinging from a rope knotted  to a tree.  What fun they had with lots of giggles and laughter.  The best things in life do appear to be free.

My five year old grandson adores collecting anything he finds wherever he may be ... on a walk, at the store, in the street.  He is definitely going to be an artist.  Here you see him in his little "stick" store.  We even painted some of the sticks one afternoon.  There is so much you can do with natural materials ... sticks, stones, shells.

A favorite pasttime is fishing and if you are fortunate to live close to a lake, river or pond, this is a fun sport to teach the kids and grandkids.  This granddaughter is only 4 and she is already a whiz at casting a rod.

But most of all, one of our favorite summer activities is eating ice cream.  There is nothing better on a summer night than having an ice cream cone.  We hope you all enjoy your summer and I can't believe I have already had the opportunity to experience all these summer activities and it has just begun.