Thanksgiving Holiday Traditions



I am fortunate to have a good size family (no those are not all my kids!). I have 3 brothers and a sister and every year we are close enough to be able to get everyone together with their families for a night to have a Thanksgiving Celebration. I wanted to share some of our Family Traditions in hopes it might inspire you to start a new family tradition or share one of your family traditions with us.


1.A newer family tradition we like to do is read stories about Thanksgiving for several days before Thanksgiving Day. I think that stretches out the Holiday longer and gives our kids a better sense of what Thanksgiving is all about.

We also read a Thanksgiving story the day of Thanksgiving.

2. We go Around the Table and Say what we are Thankful for.
Seriously, if someone has a problem with this maybe they should not come - they have a year of things to be thankful for, at the very least for the meal! And I love hearing the kids comments-probably worth writing down to pull out years later.

3. Let the Kids Help Make Placecard/Name Holders for the Thanksgiving Table.
I remember doing this when I was little and I loved helping putting the Name Spots where someone was going to sit. It is also great to let your kids help make a centerpiece or help set the table.

4. Let Your Kids Dress Up Like Pilgrims and Indians
What kid does not like to dress up? Well, my favorite memories from Thanksgiving as a child was when I got to dress up like an Indian, like Pocahontas! So help your kids make an easy Indian Headband or Pilgrim Hat a few days before Thanksgiving and pull them out that day! What fun!
For easy craft patterns for the Pilgrim Hat, Indian Headband and Placecard Name Holders, go to

And we watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and any other Thanksgiving Specials.

That is how we celebrate Thanksgiving and make the day even more memorable. Come together with family, good food, and fun traditions.