Toothbrushes for Kids


kids toothbrush

These Rockee toothbrushes are so cute ... and the best part is they don't fall over.  It's sort of the "weebles don't fall over" concept but in a toothbrush.  Cute and colorful, kids are going to love these.

As the promo says, "Rockee rocks, wobbles, spins, and never tips over! Great for kids of all ages, this one-of-a-kind toothbrush will make you smile. It's unique rocking design means no more messy toothpaste on your counter. And since it always stands upright, Rockee dries easily and doesn't need a cup a toothbrush holder for storage."

Made by Violife, they sell for $14.95 and come with 2 extra brush heads.  Rockee kids toothbrush.

Also ... check out their Slim toothbrushes ... in fun colorful case ... for the big kids!!