Veggie Patch Vegetable Bites- Add Some Veggies and Protein to Your Child's Plate


 I had an opportunity to try the Veggie Patch Veggie Bites this past week.  My family tried the Brocolli Bites, Spinach Bites, Sweet Corn Bites, and Portabella Bites.  I was interested in trying the Veggie Patch bites because they are vegetarian, do not contact Trans Fats or MSG.

I first warmed up the Broccoli Bites and Sweet Corn Bites.  The outsides were crispy and golden and the inside was moist and tasty.  The veggie bites have vegetable and cheese on the inside.  I enjoy both of them but the corn won for me based on the extra sweetness.  My kids tried them and they liked the Corn Bites.  The Broccoli Bites were not as big of a hit but I think if they tried them several times they would have enjoyed them more.

Next, I served the Portabella Bites and Spinach Bites when we had a few people over and put them out with lots of other finger foods.  Both the Portabella and Spinach Bites were gone by the end of the evening.  I served them with a small bowl of marinara.  My kids liked the Spinach Bites.

The Veggie Patch Veggie Bites make a nice dinner option for an ocassional fun dinner when paired with fruit, veggies and a side.  Serve the Bites with a side of healthy marinara sauce and enjoy the easy and fun dinner.

Veggie Bites are a great source of Vitamin A, C, Calcium and Iron.  They have both fiber and protein as well.  They have a similar amount of fat per serving as Chicken Nuggets (8 grams of Fat for 3 Veggie Bites) so just like other kids food favorites, you need to keep the number of bites to a single serving.

My family will try several of the Veggie Bites again.
















Veggie Bites samples were provided for a tasting so we could do an authentic review.  No other compensation was provided to ZiggityZoom.