Watermelon Popsicles

We can't think of anything that says summertime better than watermelon.  Although we like watermelon served by the slice or cut into cubes, we also like making these fun watermelon pops.  They can be served at room temp, chilled or frozen to make a tasty and healthy treat.

To make these juicy little treats, which we think are perfect for picnics, parties and barbeques, all you really need are some popsicle sticks.  In lieu of popsicle sticks, you could even use small branches ... just sand off the ends that will be inserted into the watermelon.

Cut a round slice of watermelon, about an inch thick, then cut this into 5 or 6 sections.  Make pie shaped pieces then use a knife to make a slot in the center of the "rind'.  Insert popsicle handle.  If you will be freezing your pops, set them on a cookie sheet and freeze for 1 -2 hours or more, depending on how frozen you want them.  If you will be keeping them in the freezer for a longer period, be sure to cover them or put into individual baggies until use.