WORD Hen Spelling App


Designed to help children with early word formation and beginner spelling, the WORD Animals spelling apps focus on spelling with one vowel at a time.  WORD Hen focuses on the vowel "E" for word formation, while the other WORD Animals concentrate on one of the other vowels.

Currently available for both iPhone and iPad, this suite of apps is parent-approved and teacher recommended. 

WORD Hen offers 2 levels of play: one for "forming" words, a form of discovery, and one for "spelling" words as they are spoken.

As children spell correct words, they are rewarded with an Animal Sticker with sound.  Each 5 words enables the child to have another sticker and they can, at any time, go to the Beach center and "play" with their animals.  This form of encouragement, including verbal encouragements from the Hen, helps kids strive to learn the spelling of new words.  Each WORD Animal offers a different Animal environment for their group of animals, with animals that live in that environment, such as Forest animals, which is available with the spelling app WORD Dog.

BUY:  WORD Hen Spell  for iPad  $.99

BUY:  WORD Hen  for iPhone  $.99

Note: There are NO Ads ... NO Links ... NO Social media ... NO Location GPS ... Only in-app purchases for other WORD Animal apps.