WORD Pig- A Spelling Game App for Kids for iPhone and iPad


WORD Pig is an online preschool/kindergarten spelling game for kids.  Word Pig will be available as an iPhone and iPad app for preschool/kindergarten educational spelling game for kids this month.  WORD Pig is the first of a suite of spelling game apps for beginning spellers.  Each of the games allows children to spell three letter words using one of the 5 different vowels.

WORD Pig offers 2 levels: one for "forming" words, a form of discovery, and one for "spelling" words as they are spoken.

As children spell correct words, they are rewarded with an Animal Sticker with sound.  Each 5 words enables the child to have another sticker and they can, at any time, go to the Farmyard and "play" with their animals.  This form of encouragement, including verbal encouragements from the Pig, helps kids strive to learn the spelling of new words.

BUY:  iPhone version WORD Pig

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Coming soon ... all 5 inter-connected WORD Animal apps that can be purchased as an entire suite.

iPad  WORD Dog Spell  $.99   "Letter O"

iPhone  WORD Dog  $.99


iPad  WORD Cat Spell   $.99  "letter A"

iPhone  WORD Cat   $.99 


iPad  WORD Bug Spell   $.99   "Letter U"

iPhone  WORD Bug  $.99


iPad  WORD Hen Spell   $.99  "Letter E"

iPhone  WORD Hen   $.99


PARENTS ... Please note that we do not collect personal information, follow location or enable social interactions.  The only purchase available is for the WORD Animal apps that you might not have purchased in the suite yet.  We value your privacy and the safety of your children.  We are a member of MomsWith Apps, developers of family-friendly apps.