Worth the Trip: Solar Lights Interactive Art Show


Solar interactive lights

If you or your family will be in the Seattle, Washington area, this is a sight to see and experience.  Created and designed by a Seattle artist, Dan Corson, this whimsical grouping of interactive lights is amazing.  The sculpture is composed of five gigantic sunflowers and it is part of Seattle's City Lights greenup movement.

Not only do these amazing lights light up but they interact with a person's movements.  Movement triggers the lights and the 40’ high flowers set off a chorus of interactive harmonic tones.  Each individual flower has its own distinctive set of notes, which simulates a singing chorus.  When several people are present, it is possible to compose and conduct music together, or just by walking through you can randomly set off a harmonic sequence. The amazing musical sounds work during the day and the night.

art light sculpture

We think this is one of the coolest set of lights, or sculpture, we have seen.  For more of Dan Corson's amazing public art lighting creations, check out his website at Dan Corson.